Hello, I'm Jenna.

This is one of my favourite images of me and my 3 boys, who are all growing fast. They are my motivation for following my passion in photography; I want to be a role model to them, showing them the joy of doing a job you love.

I adore working with families and children, expect to have a fun time, playing and laughing in our shoots, bring energy and a smile, and I'll do the rest!

I am a people person, I love to meet new friends and I find I am making genuine connections with those I meet through capturing family memories.

I am fully vaccinated, insured and have my WWVP card too.

One thing which is hugely important to me is that mums need to be in more photos with their kids. I will bend over backwards to create more of these very rare precious images!

Klick + Kin is a play on words in the old English (even though I'm Scottish - Dinnae fash)"Kith and Kin" referred to your Friends and Family. I added the Klick for the camera shutter.